Launch Exclusive Private Label Products & Exclusive Bundles on Amazon In Only 4 Weeks For $100 or Less!

We've now proven that sourcing profitable private label products to sell on Amazon does NOT require complex, risky or high priced strategies. Our new system shows you step by step how to use promotional companies to find a gold mine of opportunities!

Are you ready to...

  • Launch exclusive bundles or private label products in as little as a few weeks?
  • Learn a unique, low-cost method for sourcing custom, high-margin products that yield a 200, 300, and even 400% ROI?
  • Build a steady stream of profits with a versatile brand that you can easily customize, quickly scale, and will potentially skyrocket your sales?

... and repeat this process indefinitely?

Training From A Trusted Source

Christi Michelle, the lead instructor in this course has over 6 years of experience working with promotional companies and is a leading private label expert. She will systematically show you how to uncover countless promo company opportunities the same way she's done time and time again.

We provide worksheets and fun exercises to help spark your creativity. Everyone is creative. Some folks just need a bit of guidance to get some ideas rolling.

Our bite-sized video modules show you the exact steps we follow when working with promotional companies.

We explain the cost/benefit structure when sourcing with promotional companies.

You will learn how to uncover and refine a profitable niche.

We'll show you the industry "lingo" so you'll feel confident and sound experienced when you call or email promotional company sales reps.

This method is low risk, inexpensive, and makes a great starting point for transitioning to private label

You Get Instant Access To All 12 Training Videos

What Are Promotional Companies?

Expected Benefits and Costs

Navigating Promotional Websites
– Self-Service –

Navigating Promotional Websites
– Limited –

How To Search For
Promotional Companies

How To Communicate with
Promotional Companies

Winning Promotional Formula

Detailed Roadmap For WPF

6 Ways To Generate Ideas

Implying A Brand

Material Mindset Examples

Examples, Examples, Examples!

In these videos we'll show you

  • How to easily find product ideas
  • How to easily find suppliers
  • How to easily and inexpensively launch your own private-label product
  • How to easily and inexpensively create your own exclusive bundles
  • How to creatively set yourself apart from your competition
  • How to do this in less than a month for less than $100
  • How to repeat the process as many times as you like

Christi Michelle

Jim Cockrum

If you are looking for exclusive items that predictably sell well on Amazon, then you'll love this new course!  Get ready to discover an entire universe of profitable sourcing strategies that have been hiding right under your nose! I'm proud to partner with Christi on this course. She overdelivers with brilliant simplicity and endless possibilities.

- Jim Cockrum

What Other's Say About This Course

Creating custom bundles by taking a well selling product and bundling it with my own branded promotional item was my first major foray into "private label". I had a product that I was buying OA and reselling on Amazon until Amazon itself started carrying it--for less that my OA cost. Sales died overnight. I bundled it with a simple $2 complementary promotional product that I was able to put my own "brand" on and was able to take enough sales from the Amazon listing to bring it back to life. Over $200,000 in sales to be exact. I was also able to up the price I charge from less than $20 (Amazon's price) to $49.99, just with the addition of my $2 item. Best of all, every promotional item has my own website's URL printed on it. I added it up, and to date, I have almost 80,000 promotional items with my store's URL on them out there in the wild. Christi's take on doing private label though has taken my aspirations to a new level. My bundle was really simple. I had no idea there were so many options for products that could be bought as a promotional item. I will be rethinking all my listings now to see just how far I can take this.

- Keith C

Christi's method for using promotional companies to create private labels products is ingenious! It's a low-risk, fun, and interesting way to source products. I recommend her course.

- Emily K

I started private label products 2 months ago using Christi's method. I have 2 products in the warehouse at Amazon and 2 more in the works. I have created bundles and included one item with my brand name that I sourced from a local promotional company. I love the way Christi Michelle explains her program to make it so easy to follow. The low cost investment allowed me to start immediately. I am planning to expand my business quickly with this approach!

- Laurie S

I LOVED his course on Promotional Company Selling and here is why…The course is very thorough. I do not think Christi left anything out at all. I love that there were lots of examples. I also thought it was great that she not only gave us the “lingo” to use with the promotional companies, but she gave us what not to say ( which I had already done before, LOL) I love the scripts to use when reaching out to the companies. The Winning Promo was probably one of my favorite video’s, it was really helpful! Overall. extremely well put together and thought out. If I had purchased this course, it would have been worth every penny.

- Patti M

I loved Christi's utterly simple, no-risk program from beginning to end! As you go through her program and the proverbial light bulb goes off and you experience your "AHA!" moment, you can potentially experience for yourself less and possibly zero competition, increased sales and margins by including promotional items alone or with new and existing bundles. Her courses are a no-brainer. When you take action on her concepts, it opens up a whole new level of expectation!

- Tim Z

Christi has developed an intelligent and no risk method for doing custom and private label products. Her method is a vital tool for any serious Amazon seller looking to expand their business.

- Danny S

Christi Michelle is the real deal. My wife and I invested in her training course and were impressed with her unique way of matching private label with promotional companies to kickstart our new product lines. It was important to us that this training be clear with easy to follow steps; while also giving us the necessary creativity to be unique. It was both. We were able to take that education, pair it with our own personal experience; and 60 days later we were averaging 5-7 sales a week (and growing :) ) with our new private label product. We have 3 more PL products in the works. Thanks again for the education & count us in for any material you produce in the future!

- Jason P

Christi's program inspired me to completely revamp my product line with fun, simple to create products. Her great examples got my creative juices flowing and totally spoke to me. Her course was the first course in ages to really bring back the excitement to PL! It's simple, it's easy, and most of all it's fun. I have 3 new products at AZ and 4 more in production. I took her course and started working on new products immediately!

- Beth W

Working with promotional companies can be a game changer. Christi Michelle has developed a comprehensive course that will set your brand or private label business on fire. She leads you through all phases of finding and developing products that can sell on their own or can be added to private label bundles for unique listings that can not be replicated by other sellers. She provides many examples and worksheets to help get your creative juices to flow. The opportunities are truly endless, thank you Christi Michelle.

- Steve W

What a whole new world for me with Christi’s method. I love her energy and her passion for teaching others. She is a natural. I can create memories with my own products and also build my brand. I am just getting started, but I continue to have success with a promotional product combined with a wholesale product using my own packaging.... Within two days I started getting sales. I now have added variations. This is just the beginning for me. I can now add Proven Performance Inventory in with this and have limitless products to sell. I am enjoying learning from the Christi methods.

- Mary M

Christi’s method of sourcing and bringing products to market is a unique, thinking outside the box type of approach. She provides simple, actionable steps to allow you to further your business and get your products on Amazon quick and for pennies on the dollar compared to almost every other private label method out there. Christi’s approach changed my business structure completely and I’m not looking back!

- Stacy H

Christi's method is far and away the easiest way to get started in private label. Using what she taught me I was able to launch my first product within a week for $150. Once I knew they would sell I was able to reorder in quantity to get the price 98 cents per item. I now sell 5-7 a day with over a 300 percent return on investment. I have since launched another product and I am currently doing two more. I would not have had the courage to jump into private label if I had not seen this method. Don't think about getting this course, just do it! You'll be glad you did.

- Benji L

Christi's unique method is low risk, and super easy for someone new to the PL process, can easily be combined with other strategies such as bundling. It opens up a whole new world of opportunities!

- Jennifer S

My mind is bubbling over with ideas after going through this course. I love the take action steps and the accompanying worksheets that inspire my creativity. Brilliant!

- Carolyn M

Do you need a new source of products to sell? Perhaps one you have not thought of? The "Promotional Company Sourcing" course offers just such a source. The presenter goes into great depth on sourcing from promotion companies. The course is well organized, easy to follow and gets the creative juices flowing. This is a fantastic way to expand your product line. A definite thumbs up!

- Jerry S


Q. Do I need to incorporate or have a business address to work with promotional companies?

A. No! Unlike most wholesale companies, promotional companies don't require you to be a business in order to purchase and customize their products.

Q. Will I need to ask permission to sell promotional company products?

A. No! Once you've customized your product, promotional companies are not concerned with the product positioning once it leaves their warehouse.

Q. What if I don't live in the U.S. - is this still for me?

A. Where you live doesn't matter! There are simple and creative options available for all! Several of our most successful students are outside the U.S.

Q. Do you need a lot of capital to follow this model?

A. While you do need some money to order inventory from promotional companies, most will allow you to purchase small orders.

Q. Are promotional companies the same as print on demand (POD)?

A. Not typically although some companies may provide this service.

Q. Do I need to have extensive experience selling on Amazon in order to benefit from this course?

A. Having experience selling on Amazon will certainly be useful. If you have no experience selling online yet, consider the Proven Amazon Course.

Q. What happens when I purchase this course?

A. You get immediate full access to the entire course and can revisit it online anytime. If you have any issues, you can contact us at

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